Below you find a list of my publications and preprints. My dissertation is published here.


treeSeg: testing for dependence on tree structures,
Behr, M., Ansari, M. A., Munk, A., Holmes, C. bioRxiv:622811 , arXiv:

Multiscale quantile regression,
Vanegas, L.J., Behr, M., Munk, A., arXiv:1902.09321

Minimax estimation in linear models with unknown finite alphabet design,
Behr, M., Munk, A., arXiv:1711.04145




Multiscale blind source separation,
Behr, M., Holmes, C., Munk, A., Ann. Stat., 46 (2), 711-744, arXiv:1608.07173


Identifiability for blind source separation of multiple finite alphabet linear mixtures,
Behr, M., Munk, A., IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, 63 (9), 5506 - 5517, arXiv:1505.05272


treeSeg – an R package for response segmentation with tree structure,
Behr, M., GitHub,
SlamR – an R package for finite alphabet blind source separation in change-point regression,

This R package implements the estimator SLAM described in Behr et al. (2018).

Behr, M., Download,